To establish holistic child health care for better progency to serve humanity and to society and to reinstate the glory of ancient child health care science called "Kaumarbhritya"

Benefits of membership to Expectant Mother

Ayurveda has considered Mother's health before ,during and after pregnancy as the main focus of BETTER PROGENY "SUPRAJA"
In the ancient times the expectant mother use to get advice from "Vaidhya" for the conception. It was mandatory that ,before conception , the would be father & mother must undergo Physical, Mental & Emotional purification to clean the body, mind & soul to purify four important things responsible for birth of Great Progeny -

  • Proper season : Right time to conceive ( ritu),

  • Appropriate soil : healthy uterus (kshetra) ,

  • Nutrient fluids: healthy nutritious diet of mother ( ambu) and

  • Excellent quality seeds: Sperms and Ovum ( bija) which are responsible for strong and healthy baby (just like any crop in the nature )

Benefits of membership to children

Ayurvedic pediatrics "Kaumarbhritya" was very well known branch in the ancient times. It was aimed at producing healthy baby and maintaining the health throughout the pediatric age. This is why Ayurveda has not separated pediatrics from women health but combined the healthcare of women and children together. The scope of Kaumarbhritya starts from the time of conception up-to the age of 16 years of child.

"Aapram satvaye Komarbhritya Garbhamarmani Prajnane Ch Viyatet|"

Kaumarbhritya has divided child development in three stages and has suggested many simple therapies, techniques to be adapted be parents for prevention of diseases and wholesome development of a child into responsible human being to serve humanity tuned with Nature.
It considers that a human being is a psychophysical organism (Manodehik) and his functioning is interdependent on various organs and psychological factors simultaneously. Ayurveda not only treats the disease symptomatically but also takes care of the diseased personality and the person in totality.
The subjects covered in Pediatric Ayurveda are Right from conception, fetal growth and development (monthly), birth, neonatal development, infancy, toddler, pre-schooler, school-going child, adolescent depending on PRAKRITI of that Child and is in tune with Nature .
For detail guidance during the growth period of children for preventive and curative healthcare from our experts become IAAP member