To establish holistic child health care for better progency to serve humanity and to society and to reinstate the glory of ancient child health care science called "Kaumarbhritya"


Date -
26 December 2015
Venue -
SDM College of Ayurveda ,Hassan,Karnataka,India.
Focus on-
Suprajanan - better progeny
Contact -
Email: iaapindia@gmail.com

Today's child health is Tomorrows National wealth!
"A healthy and brilliant child is a National wealth". Tomorrow's nation is built on today's healthy child! Ayurveda has recognized these many-many years ago, even before the birth of modern pediatrics. Increasing microbial resistance, new mutations in microbial flora and uncontrolled use of antibiotics and drugs and their ill known side effects is a major concern today and there effects on children are even more alarming. There is also increasing trend of life style oriented diseases in children.
Billions of dollars are spent across the globe on simple diseases as cough / cold, middle year infections, Diarrhea / dysentery etc. Majority of Viral diseases do not have medicines but still antibiotics are prescribed!. Already taxed body system of a tender child is loaded with many drugs!
WHO Index indicates that highest Morbidity and mortality in children is because of Respiratory tract diseases. Kaumarabhritya can play an important role as preventive, supportive and curative child health care for many respiratory tract diseases in the National reproductive child healthcare programs. This workshop would highlight the current global status and challenges faced in child healthcare for Respiratory tract diseases and important curative and preventive therapies in Kaumarabhritya ( Balrog) to reduce morbidity and mortality in children.
The recommendations made in this workshop from different experts and open house discussion would bring forth important therapeutic measures available in Ayurveda for incorporation in the National Child Healthcare Programs.