To establish holistic child health care for better progency to serve humanity and society to reinstate the glory of ancient child health care science called "Kaumarbhritya" Indian Association of Ayurvedic Pediatrics(IAAP) was established in 2008.

Welcome IAAP

Ayurveda, a science of healthy and happy life is divided in eight main branches or specialities. Kaumarbhritya (Ayurvedic pediatrics) is one of the specialties. Kaumarbhritya (Ayurvedic pediatrics) has been there since time immemorial. Maharshee Kashyap (600BC), the father of Pediatrics has developed this specialty and authored text 'Kashyap Samhita'. The Ayurvedic Pediatrics deals with holistic health care of children, to have better progency and healthy society. It focuses on all aspects of nursing, healthy upbringing of newborns, infants and children.
IAAP takes forward the ancient objective of "Kaumarbhritya" to build better progency and healthy country through various initiatives.


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